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Let’s Hope Dreams Really Do Come True

Advocating a cause using the New Media may actually help to get things done. It may allow citizens to circumvent the muddled political system and permit even the voices on the outermost margins to be heard, but it may also … Continue reading

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New Media’s Empowering Properties in the Non-Profit Sector

How many state attorneys general can play soccer, scale mountain peaks, mountain bike, and skateboard?   23.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself: From one coast to the other we have Hawaii… Hawaii Attorney General David Louie – Say ‘YES’ to … Continue reading

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Get Your FREE Online Klout Score Today!

It was only a few centuries ago when influence could be measured by the size of the stick you carried around. With the advent of law, social institutions, and improved communications, rating a person’s sway over others became much more … Continue reading

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Views, Votes and the Republican Primary

    =         ?  The key to winning this year’s Republican primary may not be the possession of an impeccable political record. It also may not rely on a candidate’s ability to persuasively state his stance on the … Continue reading

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