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Intelligence Squared

Intelligence Squared is a program based in New York that “has presented 50 debates on a wide range of provocative and timely topics. From clean energy and the financial crisis, to the Middle East and the death of the mainstream … Continue reading

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Food for Thought: Corporate Klout

Klout has launched a new service for companies, allowing them to engage with influential Facebook users. The service, which measure's one's impact within social networks, will now help companies connect with those powerful individuals to promote their brand online. Bookmark on … Continue reading

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The Echo Chamber and Google+

Beware of the Echo Chamber. This warning has been given time and time again, by theorists ranging from Cass Sunstein in his work Republic 2.0 to Eli Pariser in his work The Filter Bubble.  After the March 1st implementation of Google's new privacy policy … Continue reading

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Let's Hope Dreams Really Do Come True

Advocating a cause using the New Media may actually help to get things done. It may allow citizens to circumvent the muddled political system and permit even the voices on the outermost margins to be heard, but it may also … Continue reading

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Food for Thought: Facebook and Instagram

In a merger of two popular new media services, Facebook announced that it will acquire Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stocks. Instagram will retain its independent social network of photographers, but will become more closely connected with Facebook's … Continue reading

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Citizen Engagement in Congress Through Facebook

A few weeks ago, House majority leader Eric Cantor (R) revealed a new Facebook initiative called the Citizen Cosponsor Project. The app allows people to log in using their Facebook and follow legislation they are interested in (cosponsor a bill). … Continue reading

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Food for Thought: Data Collection on Facebook Apps

An article in the WSJ yesterday provides a comprehensive look at which Facebook apps mine your data, how they do it, and how the information can be used. It also discusses how people have become habituated to the app warnings, increasing … Continue reading

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Social Media Helps New Haven Rally for Trayvon Martin

Since Trayvon Martin’s murder on February 26th, an intense social media campaign over racial injustice, gun laws, and vigilantism has taken the internet by storm.  The African-American 17 year old was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, captain of Martin’s … Continue reading

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In the "Data Election" 2012, Romney has No Chance of Catching Obama Online

Former Governor Mitt Romney showed a strong victory this past week in Illinois, reaffirming his position as the frontrunner in the Republican Primary 2012.  Illinois television stations are still thanking him for his visit after he (and his super PAC) … Continue reading

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