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In the “Data Election” 2012, Romney has No Chance of Catching Obama Online

Former Governor Mitt Romney showed a strong victory this past week in Illinois, reaffirming his position as the frontrunner in the Republican Primary 2012.  Illinois television stations are still thanking him for his visit after he (and his super PAC) … Continue reading

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Presidential Image in the Media: How Important Is Attractiveness?

About fifty-three years ago, the US presidential elections were determined by the content that citizens read in the papers and heard on the radio. They learned platforms, histories, and other general information and casted a vote all while only at … Continue reading

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Food for Thought: the first Pinterest-based political attack?

Last week, we discussed whether or not Pinterest could be used as a political tool. Now, Thinkprogress appears to have done just that. The organization recently launched a pinboard called “Luxury Hotels of the Romney Campaign.” Based on Romney’s January campaign … Continue reading

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President Obama & the Tumblr Effect

It all started with a tweet. An acquaintance of mine had re-tweeted something that the President’s official Twitter posted: a video of President Obama and eighth grader Joey Hudy shooting a marshmallow cannon that Hudy had created for a science fair … Continue reading

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Crystal Balls: Facebook and Twitter Already Know Tonight’s Primary Results

Apparently the creations of Zuckerberg and Dorsey are not only good for stalking old friends, getting acquainted with new ones, and sharing every opinion you have ever had with the world.  Facebook and Twitter are also capable of telling the … Continue reading

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CT Senate campaigns take on twitter

By Jessica Shor Last Sunday, Senate candidate Chris Murphy held an organizing event in New Haven’s East Rock neighborhood. The event was well attended by local democrats – it was held in the home of Rosa DeLauro, a current member … Continue reading

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