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The Highest Monkey bids farewell

Dearest loving readers, the time has come for the Highest Monkey to say adieu. After an entire semester’s worth of blogging, PLSC 277 is officially disbanding for summer break and so is our blog. It has been an incredible experience … Continue reading

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SeeClickFix: The Future National 3-1-1

Everyone can think of something in his or her neighborhood that needs fixing. Whether it be potholes on the main highway, overfilled dumpsters, or even graffiti on schools, we can easily name the issues. The problem is getting them fixed, … Continue reading

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Ideological Segregation Online at Yale

The internet has given Yale students more opportunities to consume political information and participate in politics. We receive emails about events occurring on campus, we are encouraged to sign online petitions, we follow our favorite organizations on Twitter, and we … Continue reading

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How America’s Youngest Mayor Uses Twitter

We all have our doubts about politicians personally updating their social media sites – I mean, really, do any of us think President Obama is spending his time tweeting things like “Happy Valentine’s Day @MichelleObama – bo” (yes, this is … Continue reading

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Going Local: The death of hard news?

  In communities throughout the country, news is slowly becoming more and more local. Take a look at my hometown of Seattle: ever since the Post-Intelligencer went online-only, a plethora of sites and organizations have popped up to try to … Continue reading

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Define Local, please

What does local mean to you? Because as I researched local news over the past week I really only had one definition in mind – to me, local was only ever a term defined by geography and proximity. That is, … Continue reading

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What’s the value in local news? A look at the New Haven Independent

Before I came to Yale, I didn’t realize there was such a thing as local news and newspapers. You see, I was raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – a sprawling metropolis with 6.3 million inhabitants in the city proper … Continue reading

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Social Media Helps New Haven Rally for Trayvon Martin

Since Trayvon Martin’s murder on February 26th, an intense social media campaign over racial injustice, gun laws, and vigilantism has taken the internet by storm.  The African-American 17 year old was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, captain of Martin’s … Continue reading

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Out with the Old, and in with the New: the Unnecessary Social Media Trade-Off

It was a shock to both Penny Parker and Mike Littwin this past Wednesday when they found out they would soon be jobless. Parker, a business and social living columnist, and Littwin, an op-ed columnist, are both popular writers for The … Continue reading

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Food for Thought: Local News

What sources do you use to find out more about your local news? Based on an interactive chart released by the PEW Research Center, things aren’t looking too promising for the Internet. Is there hope for the future? Check it … Continue reading

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