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Intelligence Squared

Intelligence Squared is a program based in New York that “has presented 50 debates on a wide range of provocative and timely topics. From clean energy and the financial crisis, to the Middle East and the death of the mainstream … Continue reading

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Let's Hope Dreams Really Do Come True

Advocating a cause using the New Media may actually help to get things done. It may allow citizens to circumvent the muddled political system and permit even the voices on the outermost margins to be heard, but it may also … Continue reading

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The Paperless Future

We all know that the future of newspapers is in the digital realm. Today, “digital revenue typically accounts for 11.7 percent of the total industry ad revenue and is certain to be the base of future growth.” But there still … Continue reading

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It's Time To Go Newt

If Newt Gingrich happens to read this blog post by some miracle then I’ll ask only this Newt, please end your campaign. Pretty please end your campaign. Today I went to where you can “share information, build teams in … Continue reading

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There's an App For That

We can all be reporters now; all we need is our iPhone.  Rawporter is a new app that deploys, “an army of cameras on-location and on-demand.” It allows users to record video and upload them to a database, which third … Continue reading

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SOPA Blackout

For those of you like me that were trying to write a paper on January 18th, naturally the first place you started was Wikipedia, but not on this day.  Wikipedia blacked out, and since we couldn’t write our paper without … Continue reading

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