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Yahoo! Labs Study Has Surprising Findings

A study from Yahoo! Labs has been published which uses Facebook likes to better understand the dynamics behind online news media. Of the many findings reported in the study, the most surprising ones included: News does not have to be … Continue reading

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Out with the Old, and in with the New: the Unnecessary Social Media Trade-Off

It was a shock to both Penny Parker and Mike Littwin this past Wednesday when they found out they would soon be jobless. Parker, a business and social living columnist, and Littwin, an op-ed columnist, are both popular writers for The … Continue reading

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Google Maps Out Syria’s Future

When listing relevant tags for a post discussing the current revolution in Syria, the first thing that comes to mind would most definitely NOT be “cartography”. We’re talking about a countrywide revolution here; nothing can be more static, mundane, or … Continue reading

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Food For Thought: Even the Government is Insecure

According to an article published this morning by the Washington Post, a group of hackers identified as “Anonymous” has struck again.  The hackers announced on Twitter that they were responsible for hacking Infragard and adding a video of Coolio’s hit … Continue reading

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President Obama & the Tumblr Effect

It all started with a tweet. An acquaintance of mine had re-tweeted something that the President’s official Twitter posted: a video of President Obama and eighth grader Joey Hudy shooting a marshmallow cannon that Hudy had created for a science fair … Continue reading

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Censorship an Issue During Protests in Sicily

Here’s a pretty easy test to see if you live in Italy or not: try clicking on this video. Whether or not you understand what journalist Pino Aprile is saying is besides the point: are you able to watch it … Continue reading

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