Food for thought: “Nyoombl” and meeting your idols

I found out about this through an email a friend sent me:

Meet Your Idol on

“If you could meet one person who inspires you (your icon), a teacher you respect, an athlete, a Hollywood star, a social worker, an artiste, or somebody specific who truly inspires you, who would it be and why?”

Nyoombl (pronounced “nimble”) was started by a Stanford alum and we want to make good use of our technology and the few notable people we know or can reach. We want to match students with those who inspire them, and this is our little way of starting that: through transparent face-to-face online public conversations.

Broadcast your response on Nyoombl (pronounced “nimble”). Let’s all know who inspires you and why you want to meet him or her. Introduce yourself and try to be brief and to the point. We will get your word out there and do our best to make this fantasy of yours come true.

START by clicking HERE

Here are real examples of what’s already happening:
One of the “20 under 20″ Thiel Fellows speaks to a Silicon Valley veteran and investor:
Founder and former CEO & Chairman of SUN Microsystems, Scott McNealy openly discusses his management style:
Marck Zuckerberg and the British PM James Cameron discuss Policy and Social Networks in the UK:
Recent Stanford alumna, Erin Parker banters with the head of Nike’s Global Yoga Program, Leah Kim:
Since multiple people will probably request to meet the same icon/celeb, we have to be fair. So, we’ll have to leave it to the public to decide and we’ll go with the video with the highest number of “respects” and “views”. All recorded requests can be voted up by “respecting” that video simply by clicking the “Respect” bubble.

Our goal is to try to fulfill the 100 most highly voted video requests/recordings of this academic quarter, as long as those role models / icons are willing to take the introductions and if their schedule allows. Eventually, both sides will meet on Nyoombl at their mutual convenience and will broadcast their side by side conversation live for 7 minutes. People who are shy to openly converse should not enter for this. It’s meant to be inspiring and fun, but also transparent so that others can watch and learn.

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