Food For Thought: Even the Government is Insecure

According to an article published this morning by the Washington Post, a group of hackers identified as “Anonymous” has struck again.  The hackers announced on Twitter that they were responsible for hacking Infragard and adding a video of Coolio’s hit song from the 90s, “Gangsta’s Paradise.”

Despite the popularity of the song 15 years ago,  Ohio-based Infragard, which is also sponsored by the FBI, was probably not too pleased about it.

All of this lends to a few questions about our safety online: the news is constantly harping on about the safety of Facebook privacy features and how users remain unprotected by third-party members accessing information, but it seems like we have en even bigger problem on our hands. How can we ever feel safe if the FBI can’t keep its top-secret information private? What does this mean for the rest of us?

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